Jariet Technologies, Inc
103 West Torrance Blvd
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Tel 310.698.1009
Fax 310.734.1553

Technical Information

Senior Team

CEO – Co-founder
Charles Harper charper@jariettech.com

CTO – Co-founder
Craig Hornbuckle chornbuckle@jariettech.com

VP – Program Management
David Clark dclark@jariettech.com

VP – Strategic Programs
Monica Gilbert mgilbert@jariettech.com

VP – Manufacturing
Matthew Hoppe mhoppe@jariettech.com

S. Director – Applications Engineering
Thomas Krawczyk tkrawczyk@jariettech.com

Systems Engineering

We work closely with customers to understand their application and how our data converter technology can enable higher performance, lower power, and smaller systems.

CMOS Design

Our highly experienced team of CMOS design and layout engineers are working in the leading edge 14nm FinFET CMOS node, taking advantage of the analog performance to realize the lowest power highest performing converters on the market.

ASIC and Digital

We help our customers realize their ASICs through various development and partnership models. We have digital design and verification engineers on staff to work at any engagement level.