Our vision is Digital Microwave:

  • Replacement of conventional RF/analog systems with millimeter wave ADCs and DACs to perform frequency conversion and filtering operations in the digital domain
  • Direct-sampling of microwave signals, or sampling at a high microwave intermediary frequency


The Benefits:

  • Provides the highest available RF bandwidth as the data converters operate with millimeter wave sampling clocks¬†-> Largest Nyquist zone
  • Reduces size and complexity of the system by moving the requirement for multiple RF synthesizers, mixers, and filters into standard digital logic
  • Provides the optimum in terms of flexibility
  • Ideal for digital phased array systems

Systems Engineering

We work closely with customers to understand their application and how our data converter technology can enable higher performance, lower power, and smaller systems.

CMOS Design

Our highly experienced team of CMOS design and layout engineers are working in the leading edge 14nm FinFET CMOS node, taking advantage of the analog performance to realize the lowest power highest performing converters on the market.

ASIC and Digital

We help our customers realize their ASICs through various development and partnership models. We have digital design and verification engineers on staff to work at any engagement level.