Enabling the Digital Microwave Revolution JARIET Technologies


Watch your product evolve when using Jariet Technologies Data Converters


  • Data converter systems development
  • Realizing ASICs to meet your product needs
  • Deep sub-micron CMOS technologies
  • High frequency design and test

Systems Engineering

We work closely with customers to understand their application and how our data converter technology can enable higher performance, lower power, and smaller systems. Our extensive RF and data converter experience allow us to engage at a high level and help solve complex system challenges.

Analog Mixed Signal Design

Our highly experienced team of CMOS design and layout engineers are working in the leading-edge deep-submicron processes, such as 14nm FinFET, taking advantage of the analog performance to realize the lowest power highest performing converters on the market. Our complimentary RF team has experience in high performance SiGe technologies.

Systems on a Chip

We help our customers realize their SoCs through various development and partnership models. Our experience with novel packaging processes and SiP techniques enable creative solutions to challenging products. Our digital design and verification team can implement your system using various engagement levels.