Electra-MA, Electra-MK, Electra-MX

Electra-QA, Electra-QK, Electra-QX
Multi-channel RF Transceivers up to 64-GSPS and 36-GHz

Product Brief Electra-M

Product Brief Electra-Q

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Electra-M 25 mm x 25 mm BGA

Electra-Q 27 mm x 32 mm BGA


•Catalog integrated-circuit in a BGA package

•Dual or Quad ADC & DAC channels

•Conversion rates up to 64 GSPS

•Digitize frequencies up to 36 GHz

•Instantaneous bandwidth up to 6.4 GHz

•Integrated digital up & down conversion

•Decimation and interpolation from 8 to 1024

•Coarse and fine on-chip NCOs

•Digital compensation optimizes spectral purity

•API provides user firmware programmability with internal CPU

•Internal clock multiplier or external clock

•Synchronization inputs

•Full duplex, half duplex, and sleep modes

•JESD204C Serial Data Interface

Block Diagram Electra-M

Block Diagram Electra-Q